The Perfect Online Business Opportunity

The Perfect Online Business Opportunity

The Perfect Online Business Opportunity

I first came across this type of online business last year and immediately thought “this is just another new idea promising the Earth and probably delivering very little”. But I’ve noticed this year there are a couple more popping up so decided to take a closer look as there must be something in this. Could this really be the perfect online business opportunity?

This new concept I’m talking about is the ‘complete business in a box’ one, where you are provided with everything you require to set up your new online business. You are promised all the training, all the tools, all the products and at times even your own website to begin your new venture. But how good are these opportunities really?

It was whilst researching these new online business opportunities and speaking with everyone I knew that it turned out one of our independent researchers, Yassin, is actually involved with one such business and happily agreed to be questioned on it. Great, some inside information!

We are not going to promote his (or any other) business on here just yet but Yassin has offered to be contacted directly by anyone who has any questions at all regarding this or any other business they are considering. He has a lot of experience so if you are thinking of starting anything just run it by him first. Here’s how we got on:

What made you get into the world of online business opportunities?

Yassin: Honestly speaking I was fed up with my routine. Long working hours, average pay and very little ‘me’ time or family time. I didn’t hate my actual job; I hated the fact that I had to work as opposed to wanting to work. It was starting to get me down and I just had to find another way to earn an income and free up some time to do what I wanted and not what my employer constantly wanted.

So how long have you been involved in online business opportunities?

Yassin: About six years now. I started off by signing up to a few online courses to learn the basics. I tried things like Amazon selling, dropshipping and affiliate marketing. I went on to teach myself WordPress and setting up sites for others.

I began this as a side line to generate a little extra income but this eventually ended up increasing my workload again; it was only supposed to be a hobby not a full time job and now I had even less time for me. That’s why I started looking at other ventures.

How have your experiences been over that time?

Yassin: Some good, some not so good and some outright scams. I’ve learnt to weed out the really poor ones now.  The way I see it now is that I weigh up the cost verses what I have learnt from a course or an individual. Sometimes the information outweighs the cost and sometimes it’s the other way around. The important thing is I am always learning.

How much money have you made over the years?

Yassin: Ha-ha I knew you would ask that. Let’s just say I’m not a millionaire and even six figures is pushing it. I’m just an ordinary hard working guy trying to make an additional sustainable income.  And the great thing is it’s never been easier to earn a decent second income than right now, especially doing it online.

Why do you think so many don’t make money when signing up to a program?

Yassin: Simple, they either give up before they’ve even tried or they give up at the first hurdle. You have to think if someone else has made money from this then so can you. The longer you keep it going the more chance that others will drop out meaning less competition around you and more chance of success.

The good thing for course providers is that the ones who give up usually go and sign for another course a few months or years down the line. So they are always a good ‘customer’. It’s not always the case of the course doesn’t work it’s more a case of the student gives up or loses interest.

What made you join this particular program?

Yassin: Three things. Firstly the setup cost verses the return was excellent. Especially as it is a longer time investment. Rather than trying to make loads of money in a short time this is designed to work like a proper business. You can earn good money over a longer period and also have the ability to expand or diversify the business.

The second reason was the actual products involved. I won’t use foul language but believe me when I say I have seen some real bad products being given to course subscribers. Stuff that looks like it’s been put together by someone with no interest whatsoever. The products I deal with now are really top quality that no one would regret purchasing.

And thirdly I have met the founder and his team. They are really switched on and genuinely want you to succeed; that’s why they provide such high quality training. Actually there is a fourth reason too. This business is an evolving business with new products constantly being added. That to me meant that this would never become stale or stuck in a rut.

So how does this particular one actually work?

Yassin: I love this question, but before going into the details of this  I want to show a little video story I put on YouTube that will explain how it works:

So what would you do if an opportunity like this was presented to you?

So this could really be you right now. You’re someone that works really hard, long hours with mediocre pay. All you want is to live a comfortable life but you find you are always chasing money trying to make ends meet. You spend all your time planning how you can escape this routine and have some free time and disposable income.

And that pretty much describes the nature of this business. I don’t deal with books as such but information products, in a particular niche, which is the wealth creation and online business niche. But it doesn’t end there.

Now that I know how the whole concept works I am looking to launch the same format myself in a completely different niche which is what you can do too. Honestly the training is that good there is no limit to what you can achieve for yourself.

There are currently two levels of business you can start. Well, technically, there are three but the first is a basic level where you can just come and take a look around and see what we are all about. The other two levels are as follows:

Level 1: You are provided with some high quality products that you can sell to anyone you want. You are given all the training you need and the products are all ready to go. You can even set the price you want to sell them for (within parameters) and you can promote them however you wish. Not only that, you will also be provided with your own professional website to sell from.

This really is a great way to get started and test the business out for yourself. You get to keep 50% of everything you sell and is a perfect way to build up your own customer base and list without spending a fortune.

Level 2: If you want to take your business up a level then consider this. At this level you get to keep ALL the money you make from selling the products and you also get the opportunity to sell a similar business to yours to others.

So when someone asks you about your new business and how come you are making so much money?, they too can have a business just like yours and you get paid for setting them up. It’s an amazing opportunity.

Do you require any experience?

Yassin: Yes, you will require some basic computer skills. If you can use email, social media and the internet that helps but if not you will be shown everything you need. The training is very detailed and talks you through every step.

There is a seventy eight year old doing this who has made his own video on YouTube using just the training provided. And he is definitely not computer literate!

What, if any, ongoing costs are involved?

Yassin: Only what you want to spend in promoting your own business but again there is full training provided on how to utilise social media and reduce your advertising spend massively. I’ve learnt more about advertising online in the last few weeks than I learned over the last few years.

One thing you will learn is how to find what you need without spending a fortune on high end products. You can even set up your own mailing list from just $10 a month and be shown how to use it.

Can it really be someone’s ‘very own business’?

Yassin: Yes absolutely. You have full control and access to regular tools and training to keep you moving forwards. You work as much or as little as you want and promote as much or as little as you want. As with any business the more you are willing to put in the more you will get out of this.

What really worked for me was that it opened up new ideas and avenues for me to expand and create my own mini businesses. That was just down to the training and concept. And the best thing is while you are running this business you are also building up a huge customer base and mailing list, so when you decide to diversify or sell your own products, you already have a customer list ready. That in itself is priceless.

What advice do you have for anyone about to sign up to an online business?

Yassin: Do your research and ask questions. If you’re still not sure ask more questions. If you don’t get an answer or don’t trust the answer simply walk away. It’s your money invest it wisely.

Also more importantly, if you do begin something make sure you are prepared to put in the time effort and commitment. Don’t blame the program for not working if you haven’t even tried to make it work. Too many people these days want it all for nothing, they want to make millions without lifting a finger, and that’s why the scammers are doing so well!

If anybody wants to know more about what you do where can they get in touch?

Yassin: If any readers from this page want to ask me anything just click the link below. Once in you will have my contact details there and I will also give you a little preview of what I do. Don’t worry this won’t cost you anything and I will also be that shopkeeper in the video and give you a fantastic free gift just for stopping by!

Check out my new Business Site HERE and get a great FREE gift from me!




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